Nice to meet you Mrs Bradshaw -growing geum

Geum ‘Mrs J. Bradshaw’ looks lovely waving among the perennials and roses, she is light and airy with a bold splash of scarlet colour waving around up to 60 -90cm high.

Geum "Mrs Bradshaw"
Geum “Mrs Bradshaw”
The Garden Times
Plant near the front of the border or grow it up through your roses.

She is a bit prickly though as spiky little seed heads form all summer long.

The Garden Times
Collect the geum seeds in late autumn.

So with lots of seeds and splitting the clump in spring and summer I hope to have a whole flock of Mrs J. Bradshaw’s. Highly recommended. Good for bees. Common name Avens.

I like that William Morris included Avens in one of his most popular designs ‘Blackthorn’, although he depicted a water Avens which are now rare in the wild unlike in his time when it was common in the UK along river and waterways.


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