Growing tough modern climbing roses

Climbing Laguna rose
Climbing Laguna rose

There is an endless selection of great climbing roses, particularly the antique or heritage varieties. However here I have selected a number of modern roses renown for good looks and being vigorous and trouble free. I hope you manage to plant one of these, and let me know what are your favorites?

Climbing Buff Beauty 1939

I was never keen on apricot roses before I met Buff Beauty, but this rose is amazing and the colour of the flower changes as it ages from dark apricot, pale apricot and finally to a deep cream. On a summers day you will be magnetically drawn to admire the many clusters of blooms but the most wonderful aspect of this rose is you will be surrounded by a cloud of sweet tea rose fragrance. Not strictly a climber, this is a vigorous Hybrid Musk rose that grows well against a wall or fence covering up to 3-4m at the height of summer. Blooming from mid spring to late autumn.

Buff Beauty The Garden Times
Buff Beauty flowers change colour from dark apricot to pale clotted cream as they age.
Buff Beauty
Amazingly abundant Buff Beauty grows into a relatively small climber.

Climbing Cinderella 2003

This should be one of the most famous roses as a climber; being vigorous, healthy, and easy to grow but most of all wonderfully extravagant with pale to mid pink old fashioned blooms that glow against dark shiny leaves. The semi-double, large blooms have a wonderful fruity fragrance and the colour holds well in our hot Australian sun. It does not grow wildly out of control 2.5-3m, and in colder countries is sold as a patio climber. Last for ages as a cut bloom inside.

Climbing Cinderella rose
Climbing Cinderella rose blooms from late spring and last all summer.
Climbing Cinderella rose The Garden Times
Hardy, lush shiny foliage and so many blooms – whats not to love about Climbing Cinderella rose.
Climbing Cinderella rose  The Garden Times
Climbing Cinderella rose keeps its colour well and does not seem to ball in the wet like many pink roses.

Climbing Laguna 2004

This rose! I can hardly believe that this is not so much more well known. It has intense fragrance, a perfect dark pink colour and disease resistance. This climber will reach around 2-3m in height and is perfect for training against a wall or where space is limited. Clusters of magenta-pink double blooms cover the plant all season and contrast beautifully with the shiny dark green foliage. For me this was slow to start but into the third year it has really shown off . Almost completely resistant to black spot and mildew.

Climbing Laguna rose
Climbing Laguna rose

Climbing Dublin Bay 1975

Flowering from early spring all the way through to autumn, this rose will ignite your garden with a strong deep red. Very vigorous and will send out great arches of growth that are perfect for training where you need to cover a lot of wall space. Absolutely headache free, this performed strongly from the very first year I planted it as a 2 year old bare root plant sending out string but pliable branches so it is very easy to train. I even have it going around a corner nicely! It only has a light scent but it lasts well as a cut flower which only adds to its charm.

Climbing Dublin Bay rose The Garden Times
Long lasting and prolific true red rose -Climbing Dublin Bay rose.

Climbing Edna Walling 1940

This rose is an Australian rose bred by the famous Alister Clark and named for one of the best known Australian garden designers. While this is not a recurrent or long flowering rose it is notable for its magnificent spring display when every part is loaded with delicate white “egg cup” flowers with brilliant yellow stamen that make these flowers glow. As it can take some shade, it is a wonderful thing to see it arching up through a tree where you can forget about it until you are stunned by the display dripping down one day in late spring lasting for a month or so. It only has a very light insignificant fragrance.

Rosa Edna Walling climbing rose
Rosa Edna Walling climbing rose
Rose Rosa flowers
A wonderful Australian rose bred by the famous Alister Clark (1864–1949)
Rose Rosa flowers
You need a good strong tree or shed for this rose.

You can see more of my favorite roses here.


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