Grow Eupomatia laurina

I love to walk around the garden and be enveloped by scent at different times of the year – what about a fruity, peachy bubblegum scent for your garden? Eupomatia laurina is an Australian native, one of the oldest flowering trees belonging to the ancient plant family Eupomatiaceae. It is the perfect tree for a small garden growing elegantly to about 3-4m in my Victorian garden (reportedly up to 6-8m in QLD) and in summer is covered in these wonderful creamy highly scented blooms.

The Garden Times
Eupomatia laurina has the most amazing scent.

If that isn’t enough to convince you it also has guava like small fruit that can make an interesting jam or you can dry the fruit and add to salads and ice cream! But really I love this tree for the amazing scent in November/December. The trees need a sheltered frost free spot but will grow from Melbourne to Qld and is not fussy about soil although I keep a good mulch around mine as it is a rain forest tree.

Eupomatia laurina (2)

The Garden Times
The Garden Times

You can see another of my favorite trees Ulmus parvifolia ‘Golden Ray’ here


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