Under the woodland (tree)

A little part of England is showing itself, peaking shyly from the shady nooks; you must take the time, slow down and feel the earth beneath your knees to embrace the tiny enchantment of these spring time woodland flowers.


Here we have Primula ‘Osiered Amber’ which produces flowers in shades of amber, apricot and pale yellow with red stems and calyxes. The flowers appear in Spring over red-bronze foliage. Happy growing with it’s friends Primula veris and Primula ‘Clotted Cream’. These plants are easily grown and long lived as long as you plant in full or part-shade in moist, but well-drained, humus-rich soil.

Primula are lovely woodland plants for moist spots under trees.
Primula are lovely woodland plants for moist spots under trees.
The Garden times primula
Snails have been here!
Primula Veris
Primula veris or the common English Cowslip – not at all common in my garden but a little treasure.

We grow them here under an old ornamental plum tree along with other special woodland plants.


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