A gardener’s dream

We have so many wonderful private and public gardens to explore in Melbourne; one of the best for me is Diggers Club Heronswood. It is resonant of history with the gothic buildings, the wonderful panorama of the Peninsula and such a great example of how a passion for gardening can be successful in inspiring and educating. The core of this business is a great gift of preserving the ideals of gardening and the environment simply by inspiring you to garden in a thoughtful way. Digger’s Club supply one of the best and broadest range of seeds and plants in Australia by mail or you can visit one of the historical gardens and lovely shops- what bliss!

There was a whole fluttering bank of this groundcover.
A river of gold, a very low growing fragrant ground cover – Oregano Thumbles Gold
Magnificent waves of Salvia ‘Anthony Parker’
Avocados in Victoria? and as a hedge too!
I loved the tightly clipped Myrtle hedge.
Kalanchoe pumila
Lots of ideas and amazing colours in the dry garden. I think I am developing a bit of Kalanchoe fever.
I love seeing lots of flowers in Autumn for our friends the bees – they loved this Crotalaria agatiflora, a neat small tree shaped shrub that was a bright acid green punctuation in the borders.
The garden shop – full to the brim with treasure for the passionate gardener, including these lovely Vintage Gardener gift cards.
To round off a lovely day out refresh yourself in the Heronswood restaurant – the staff here were so happy and full of joy for where they worked.

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