Spinach Harvest

I think my spinach is the best value as a crop, taking up only 2sq foot (most of my crops are done this way this year), with the early leaves mixed thru salad and the larger leaves so far have been used in stir fry’s and spanakopita or Börek.

I have also taken bunches each week to freeze, quickly blanching the leaves and stalks with boiling water and then plunging into cold to keep the fresh green colour. Now at the beginning of November the crop is just starting to fade but we have been harvesting most every day for the last 2 months. I must remember to plant it even earlier next year. I’m hoping to get into gear and use some old windows to rig up a mini green house, so stay tooned!

Here is my favourite stir fry recipe -Black sauce tofu with fresh greens. I add noodles for the boys but otherwise I just have the fresh green loveliness of the spinach (add any veg you like- at this time my broccoli and kale is go to use) and the crisp texture of the tofu with dark river of sauce.

Black Sauce Tofu stir fry

Wash and then cut up one block of firm (preferably organic) tofu into small bite size blocks, dust with some corn and plain flour that has been sprinkled with Chinese five spice (I use about 1 full teaspoon as I like a strong flavour). Fry these off over a high heat so they get good colour on them and crisp up a bit.

While the tofu cooks you can make a black sauce -essentially a reduction of your favourite Asian flavours. I use 1 cup soy, 1 tbls oyster sauce, half a cup of honey or Thai sweet chili sauce in a heavy bottom pot as it can burn easily otherwise. Then feel free to add in other flavours- I like to grate in some fresh ginger or a squeeze of lime. Bring the whole to a boil and allow to reduce without burning it so you need to keep an eye on it.

When ready to serve bring the tofu pan up to high and toss in the fresh greens (and chili) until they wilt – serve straight away with the black sauce on the side as its quite rich and sweet. My kids love to drizzle it over the noodles but dip the tofu separately.      

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