Dancing with Gauguin and Black Panthers in the garden or Peony time

There is no doubt that you will be stunned by the stunning array of blooms from Erica Peony Garden grown by Martin Farrugia. I urge you to zoom down to the Burwood Hights Uniting Church Hall tomorrow Sunday or even better, Martin tells me that his flower garden and nursery is bursting with flowers this year. It is an easy drive out on the Princess freeway from Melbourne. Here are some snaps of the flowers including the Black Panthers and Thunderbolts that were at the mini expo in Burwood, so I shall let them speak for themselves. Warning, warning picture frenzy alert!!!

 Paeonia Gauguin is a beautiful side facing bloom with blends of oranges, reds and pinks. Strawberry red, single, lutea hybrid tree peony. Shown here with PaeoniaCorsair‘ (lutea group)

I fell hard for this darling! Paeonia Coral Charm An early-blooming semidouble whose deep coral buds open to form glowing chalices of a smooth coral-peach.

Golden Era

                                                               Hesperus and Thunderbolt

Golden Vanitie

Black Panther
Happy Days


                                                                                  Chinese Dragon



Bridal Falls
White Star – Amazing 12 inch 30cm blooms.

 Rare Paeonia rockii hybred. Tree peony hybrids with Paeonia rockii as one parent are called Rockii-hybrids.

One day darling Coral you shall be mine! Meanwhile if you need more peony picture frenzy pop over to my flickr as I will put all the photos over there-so many more lovelies. Don’t forget you can meet Martin and his darlings next week 27-28th October 2012 at the Erica Peony Garden. Coming from Melbourne, Erica is just 80 minutes easy driving past Dandenong.
Take the Monash Freeway past Dandenong till you reach Moe. Take the Moe exit from the Princes Freeway and follow the signs to Erica. You can call Martin on 51653394. They will post out plants too if you can’t make it down there.

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