A rebellion in the Parliament of Plants

In 1920 Sir Francis Darwin wrote “It looks, to put the thing fancifully, as if a parliament of plants had met and decided that some arrangement must be made since the world would be inconveniently full if they all flowered at once; or they may have believed that there were not enough insects to fertilise the whole Flora, if all their services were needed in one glorious month of crowded life. Springtime and Other Essays by Francis Darwin. Well, they must be in disarray this year (perhaps they are heading into an election!) as I can hardly keep up with so many lovelies flowering at once.
A little part of England is showing itself, peaking shyly from the shady nooks; you must take the time, slow down and feel the earth beneath your knees to embrace the tiny enchantment of these spring time woodland flowers.

Crocus Pickwick

English Primrose

Chinese forget me not?

Primula “Clotted Cream” – what a find!

Primula “Veris”

The scent of the bluebells, primrose and violets will carry you off to the Malvern Hills or some Secret Garden reverie where you will hear Robin sing. Long before Jo Malone burst on the scene, these elusive scents have been captured by Penhaligon’s, wonderfully well in their Bluebell range.


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