Climbing Cécile Brünner‍ rose

Cécile Brünner‍, also known as Mme. Cècile Brünner or The Sweetheart Rose has perfectly miniature double pink blooms on sprays that cascade down displaying both full bloom and bud at the same time so there is a range of lovely colours from pale creamy pink and whorls of deep apricot pink buds which makes it perfect for picking little posies.

Climbing Cecile Brunner
Each flower of Cecile Brunner is no more than 3-4 cm but a bush can be covered in hundreds of blooms.

Flowering mainly in spring but often blooms like little stars through summer to autumn. It has the most wonderful apple spice fragrance even when dries so is a particularly wonderful bloom for scented wardrobe sachets. It is classed as an old fashioned rose as it was first bred in 1894.

Cecile Brunner
Hundreds of scented buds of joy!

Don’t be deceived by it’s delicate flowers or fine foliage – it is as tough as old boots! A very vigorous climber that can completely cover an arbour or arch within two years forming a thick thatch up to 3-5m or more if not pruned!

Climbing Cecile Brunner in full glory


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